Safe to delete these transactions?

Long story short - Bought a truck in August. In September Carvana informs me they lost the loan check from my Credit Union. In October the Credit Union reissues the check.

In my CU checking account, there are a pair of transactions.

+$22,998  - Voided Check

-$22,998 - Check Reissue

At the time the transactions posted, I just put them into my Just For Fun Money account, where I put all transactions that I know will wash out even.  But now that I'm looking at my spending reports, it's showing $22,998 spending in October that didn't happen. 

Can I delete these? Hide them from my income and spending report?  What should I do with them?

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  • If it was me, i would delete them.

  • If they were categorized to the same category in the same month, the net spending that month is $0.

    I wouldn't delete them, because I find the record of what happened to occasionally be useful as a memory aid.

  • Normally I would say it's critical for your account register in YNAB to match your bank's register item for item, but you know what? In this case, it's going to be so obvious what happened that I think it's fine to either delete them or fudge the date so that they're in the same month so they don't affect your reports.

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  • Based on your sequence, I would expect that your spending report show $22,998 spent in August, then voided check of $22,998 in September and then $22,998 spent in October. If that is the case, then it is an accurate reflection of what occured. For me, I would leave them as is because they reflect what happened. When I try moving the dates to make things look like *I* think they should look like, I find it creates longer term problems because if I ever need to reconcile or bring things together at a later date, i cannot for the life of me get it together.

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