Credit card payments and savings transfers

Hello, I use my credit card to pay many automatic subscription bills and pay off the full balance each month. Also, because my income is variable each month, I draw a “paycheck” from my savings that is transferred to my checking each month. How is it recommended that the transfer and the cc payments is categorized? 

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  • Credit card payments are a transfer to the credit card account.

    Your savings account should be a budget account, and you should budget your savings to various categories that represent what the savings is for. One of them should be a "Deferred Income" category used to hold the money intended to smooth out variable income. In high income months, you would add excess funds to this category, in low income months, you would pull from the category. It's up to you to decide how much you would need to hold in this category.

    This article explains it in more detail:

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  • Violet Commander Here is how to enter a transfer in the web app and mobile app. Credit card payments are another type, but we do have a separate article.

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