"$0.00 to be budgeted"

I'm trying to get my YNAB budget working again after a few months of not using it.

In the "to Be Budgeted" window it gives me a $0.00 reading if I've budgeted less than I have, but it doesn't show more than that. For instance, if I add $200 to an amount, it says I'm $7.42 over budget, and of course if I reduce it by $7.42 it now says $0.00. But it STILL says $0.00 if I take away another $100, or $200, or $500!

All the previous months' budgets say they're reconciled, as far as I can tell. What's going on?

Thanks in advance to any help you all can provide.



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  • The problem is in months ahead of this one, not months which have passed. TBB is only correct in the furthest month out in which you have budgeted money. 

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      • Ted Kinyak
      • Orchid_Welder.10
      • 2 wk ago
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      WordTenor Ah, THAT'S it! When I finished the monthly amounts, I copied them to November, since I needed to scale them down to how much money we have at the moment and wanted to save the full amounts.

      I wish there were a way to save those numbers before changing them, other than taking screen grabs or -- egads -- writing something down!

      Thanks for the help, all!

      • dakinemaui
      • dakinemaui
      • 13 days ago
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      Ted Kinyak Goals can help you to remember your nominal numbers. Lots of people have simply put those values in the category name somewhere for reference (e.g., "Groceries, 450/mo" or "... $225/check").

  • Hey Ted Kinyak — Welcome back! Since it's been a while, I'd recommend a Fresh Start for the quickest way forward.

    To continue with your same budget, you'll want to reconcile your accounts (creating a Reconciliation Balance Adjustment to make up for any missing transactions), then head to October and move money as needed, until To be Budgeted is zero. You don't need to worry about making adjustments to past months!

  • Nicole said:
    then head to October and move money as needed, until To be Budgeted is zero.

    You'll actually want to juggle funds around between October AND any/all future month's you've budgeted. If October is not completely budgeted, you should probably delete any budget entries after October.

    A number of veteran users feel it's far safer and more efficient to not split your plan (a.k.a. "budget") across multiple months. Just because YNAB allows it doesn't mean it's the best approach. Opinions obviously vary on this, so just consider it food for thought.

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