How to track money distribution between two accounts

Suppose I have two accounts: personal & business. Certain categories money comes out of personal and others from business.

Is there a natural way to know how much money should be transferred from say business to personal?

I know I could look at the group or category totals monthly and do one transfer, but that gets messy if you change your budget mid month.

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  • Capt Realtor This is a great question! Before I dive into an answer, I'd first recommend considering separating your personal and business accounts into different budgets. I'd be happy to chat more about your setup if you'd like! 

    If you do want those accounts to live in the same budget, these are some important things to keep in mind: 

    1. Once money has entered the budget, nothing ties that money to a specific account. It sounds like you might already have this down, but if not, this article explains the independence of accounts vs. categories splendidly!

      You're right that if you want certain categories/category groups Available amounts to match certain account balances, the solution is always either moving money between categories or transferring money between accounts.
    2. At the end of the day, your category's available amounts tell you how much you have set aside for any given expense. But it is important to check the account balance of the account you're about to spend out of, to make sure enough of your dollars live in it to cover the expense! This article might help you with that part. 

    I hope these resources help you start to figure out your preferred workflow, but let us know how it's going! 

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  • A lot of people use the running balance and schedule transactions on the account ledger (on the web) to manage cash flow between accounts. Usually it's between checking and savings but it can work for personal and business as well.

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