Budgeting in the future technical question

I've heard talk of people budgeting in future months as a way of getting ahead financially using YNAB and I've always wondered how this works because I can't go more than one month ahead.

In YNAB online or in the app I can only go one month ahead.  I can't click farther ahead, those months other than one month ahead are not accessible until they are the next month.  So the most ahead of this month I can budget is one month in the future.  Usually.  But somehow I got into July, budgeted $0.02 and got out of July and I'm not sure how to fix it and I find it annoying, if unimportant.  How can I get back into July to fix it?

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  • You can go one month beyond the last month you've budgeted.  So if this is May (and it is) you can go to your June budget to have a look around.  While you're there, you can budget a few bucks to a given category.  Now that you've budgeted in June, you're allowed to get into the July budget to look around.

    You move back and forth between budgets by using the arrow keys on either side of the month.

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      Bruce Thanks!  That did the trick.  And now I know how to get to my July budget on purpose, rather than on accident or by waiting.

  • Once you can budget next month at once, I feel it's a step backwards to extend partially into next*2 months. Going back to piecemeal budgeting? Not for me.

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  • Going into June helps me with cash flow issues...I need new car tires and my elec bill will be

    higher in June..I'm on fixed income..I need to know that if I budget for tires that I set in May & June

    will not leave me short for groceries..I need this information in advance..this is one area that for

    me Banktivity beats YNAB..future cash flows ....but I depend on both apps..YNAB is a superior

    budget app hands down...and yes I know that if I had set a Car Tires category in Jan the problem

    would resolve itself..I'm just not a YNAB Pro yet..

  • Turquoise Mainframe said:
    Going into June helps me with cash flow issues.

    For some, adherence to Rule 2 obviates this need. 

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