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Hi all! I just started using YNAB and linked my credit cards and checking account. I was under the impression that transactions would be imported automatically from which I could assign them to appropriate budgets but it only shows the balance. 

Is there a fix to this? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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  • It will import transactions that clear after today.   Ynab is a forward looking budget.....

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  • Feel free to manually enter transactions you know have happened but have yet to clear. The obvious advantage is more accurate category balances. The scheduler makes this fairly easy for regular bills and in conjunction with the running balance, facilitates cash flow decisions. For example, evaluate when you can move excess money in checking to a higher interest rate account.

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  • The best approach is to enter transactions manually as you go about your day. Then when the transactions import, they will match to the ones you entered (its actually very satisfying when it does that). This way you are always current. Regardless of any import issues you may have seen talked about on this forum recently, I find that the credit card transactions have a lag of a few days. So you enter the transaction and then everything is real time. At first, entering takes a bit but over time YNAB learns your habits so it "knows" when you enter My grocery store that you usually pay with your Visa card and the category is usually groceries. So I find that the most you have to do for most transactions is enter the amount and then start entering the payee (it will filter the list). Click the payee and then save. Done. 

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