Import problem resolved with USAA: Here's what worked for me

It took more than two weeks to get a response to my problems importing from USAA, but the recommendations I received helped, so I'm posting this along with my response to Support:

Short version: Set up a new connection to USAA through Manage Connections, then delete the old connection to USAA. (What threw me off is that the old connection worked part of the time, with multiple two-factor authentication attempts required.

Here's my response to YNAB Support (and to the forum moderators):

"The solution you provided worked, and I can explain what the underlying issue was in my situation to help out other people trying to connect to USAA and having problems since the transition to Plaid:

When entering in my logon credentials to Plaid for USAA, there was a new prompt that did not exist before. In addition to my username, PIN and password, Plaid notified me that for importing to work I had to enable Quick Logon on USAA. Quick Logon is a feature that allows USAA customers to log on with fewer credentials, but it comes at the risk of decreasing security. I had disabled Quick Logon with USAA because I wanted full security. The Plaid logon allowed me to change my USAA setting to Quick Logon, and then I was able to link my accounts etc.

Note that this prompt did not pop up during import prior to re-linking my USAA account. Instead I had to do two-factor authentication multiple times, often with failures or errors.

I have some feedback on this experience: This issue could have easily been resolved more than two weeks ago when I ran into the problem. How? I tried to post the issue to the YNAB Support forum, as have many others. However forum moderators have been quick (within 30 minutes) to shut down all forum comments related to the Plaid problems. Each YNAB user is told that comments are shut down because every problem is different, and to submit the form to support. Well, I submitted the form twice and it took more than two weeks to get the simple fix. This is absolutely a fix that others could have shared with me on the forum. In fact, I could try sharing it now but the moderators would prevent others from responding and saying whether or not it worked for them. In summary, YNAB’s efforts to stifle discussion of support issues on the Support Forum made the situation worse for me, and probably others. Please reconsider the policy to shut down forum discussions related to problem-solving logon issues.

Thank you.

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  • Hi Aquamarine Lion !

    Thank you for sharing what worked for you! The issue is, removing connections is only suggested in certain scenarios and doing so outside of those scenarios can cause other issues. For that reason, we want YNABers to reach out to our Direct Import team by reporting a Bank Importing Issue so we can make sure those troubleshooting steps are the best troubleshooting steps to take for the specific account in question.

    Our goal is to close threads seeking assistance with direct import issues to make sure YNABers aren't given incorrect information and reach our team so that we can make sure things are addressed. 

    You can still chime in on the other Plaid threads that are open if you’d like to discuss things with your fellow YNABers, but there are certain channels better equipped to handle direct import. :)

  • I should also note that I have yet to get a response from support regarding problems with a credit union (either requires multiple 2-factor attempts, or says that the connection is "Good - Updated 2 days ago". In the absence of that support, I am going to guess and try the same thing that worked with USAA. It would be nice if instead I could find out on the forum from other members of my credit union what worked for them, but they're not allowed to leave comments. This whole experience has resulted in my turning off auto-renew and exploring what other apps are out there to meet my needs. I place a very high value on support issues and transparency with the problems that all apps inevitably have at one point or another.

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      Aquamarine Lion hmm. I will have to check if i have this enabled. Sad that one has to decrease security to make it work. :(

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