Moving Leftover Available to TBB but Amount Doesn't Match

As we approach the end of the month, I have money leftover in several categories.  I would like to reset these amounts to 0 so that they don't continue to grow and I can budget the remaining amount into a savings category.  When I select the category to move the amount into To Be Budgeted, the amount selected (the amount available in the category) is less then the amount then reflected in my To Be Budgeted.  Where did these extra dollars come from.  I have budget in that category two months into the future.  Does that have an effect?  


Thank you!

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  • Can you be more specific and perhaps use some real numbers?  This question is asked in  a way which makes it hard to understand what you are seeing. 

    If your available in a category is say, $12 at the end of the month, and you move $12 into TBB (which should be $0), the category available will become $0 and TBB will become $12. If that is not what happens, the most likely culprit is that your TBB is negative in the future; you have to look at the furthest month out you have budgeted to see that. This is what you'll hear called  Stealing from the Future around here, it is a known design flaw for which a full fix has never been implemented. 

  • Laura P To add to what WordTenor said, the only reason I can think of that the amount appearing in To be Budgeted would be larger than what you moved out of the category is if you accidentally had multiple categories selected and are using Quick Budget to set the Available amount to zero. Any chance that's what's going on?

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  • Thank you WordTenor and Matthew for your responses.  It seems that Matt was right on in guessing that I accidentally had an extra category selected that was throwing off my numbers.  Thanks again!

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