Moving funds to cover a CC overspent category

I have the funds to cover an overspent category, but it seems that when I move funds around after categorizing expenses to cover the overspent causes havoc on the budget cc matching the balance. Does moving funds to cover a CC overspent category after the fact make a difference? Or should I move funds before accepting it in the registry to make sure the category is fully funded first? Why does this matter, if this is the case? 

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  • As far as I know, it makes a difference if your CC balance goes positive (you should still do it, there's just another step after it - reallocate what is now in TBB to the CC payment if it's overspent). 

    Note that you can only cover overspending in the month it was incurred. After that, YNAB fixes it for you because overspending means you can't trust your other budget areas.

  • It's actually odd what it does. I have 4 CC set up and when I funds after showing overspent in a category, it will increase in one CC but decrease in another, therefore balancing itself but in the wrong credit cards. So Weird!


    For example, I will import my cc transactions.

    CC#1 with a balance in green of $100. CC#2 with a balance in green of $200.

    CC#1 has a $50 charge for Clothing that I categorize as Clothing. This category has $30 budgeted so it shows that I am $20 overspent in yellow.

    I go into my budget and see that I have extra money in my MISC fund, so I move $20 from MISC to Clothing to cover the overpend. 

    But now for some reason, in my cc balance to pay it displays: CC#1 $130, CC#2 $220

    On the left, which matches my cc statements it reads CC#1 $150, CC#2 $200


    I then have to manually move $20 from CC#2 to CC#1 to make sure the available payments match my statements on the left. 

  • Cadet Blue Lobster said:
    Does moving funds to cover a CC overspent category after the fact make a difference?

    Identical to doing it before the fact, as far as the budget.

    It's recommended to do it before so you still have a chance to skip that purchase if you're not happy with the consequences of that reallocation.

  • Cadet Blue Lobster said:
    therefore balancing itself but in the wrong credit cards.

    There is a known issue with multiple cards involving inflows. (It's complicated, but seems to arise fairly often.)

    Fix the overspending first. If necessary, shift funds between Payment categories.

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    When I see the CC Overspent notice, I look at the Categories first. If I WAM the category that is overspent, then the CC Overspent goes away automatically. I used to try to fix the CC overspent, and got everything mixed up; that doesn't happen any more.

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