iOS - money available to assign doesn't carry over to the next month

Longtime YNAB user, running the latest iOS and YNAB client. We get paid at the end of the month, and in the past have assigned those dollars in the next month. For example, available dollars show up at the end of the month (July), but don't show up when I choose August. Assigning dollars in July brings up "you've overspent" in August, and I have to adjust. I see in the forum for the web app, you have to click on the Ready to Assign and click the "i" to see the more dollars available. Is there something similar for iOS? Or can we bring back the ability to see "available to assign" carryover? Thanks!

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  • Do you have any overspending in July that you need to cover?

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  • Any dollars in ready to assign for July will still be there in august unless you have overspending in July. 

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  • I just tried it on my iPad and it works the way you want. 

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  • Hi Slate Gray General ! Did you have a chance to check for any overspending that happened in July?

    When you're importing transactions from your bank, it can be useful to go back and double-check those end-of-the-month transactions to make sure all spending is covered. I find that happens more when it falls over a weekend. Let us know how it goes! 

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  • Thanks for the replies. I update daily, and had no overages when I tried to assign the late July paycheck in August. I may delete the app on the phone, and reinstall, see if that helps for September.

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