Is it possible to restrict a kid to only have access to his/her budget in the phone app?

I have two budgets set up under my account, my main budget and my twelve year old daughter's budget. When installing the YNAB app on her phone, she is able to also open my budget in the app. I would like to lock her access to only see her own budget. Is this something that is already possible or could be implemented to YNAB?

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  • no it isn't possible. Now I leave you to argue with YNAB staff.

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  • Yep. They should allow this.

    OR, a skinny version for kids, available at a low, low price to existing subscribers. Like gateway drug, but good.

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  • I hope they do set up a password feature for the budget on the next update. I'm hoping to set up the kids with their own budgets but nt until I can block access to mine, they are too young to have their own subscription. 

  • Hey Coral Filly ! You're not alone in wanting to see the option to share access to specific budgets. It's not possible at this time, but our team is doing a lot of research on what multi-user budgets could look like. They would love to hear how you're handling this in your budget right now, if you're up for submitting a Feature Request.

    If you do decide to leave the app on her phone, the last opened budget appears by default on a mobile device. This means her budget will be front & center each time the app opens and she won't have to choose between the two. I know a couple of parents that use this method with good results, but hear that you (and other YNABers) are eager for a built-in option.

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      Thank you Nicole  

      I will send the request later on this week. 

      The way I'm currently managing this is by going over my daughter's budget in a computer with her once a week.

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  • There is a free app in the App Store called "Allowance for YNAB". The idea of the App is that you can give others access to view only certain categories from your budget. I am mentioning it here as it could be ideal for those who just give their kids a dedicated category(ies) for personal spending but within the overall parental budget.

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