And not a sleepless night was had during closing on the house

My wife and I live on just over half our annual income. Pre-YNAB this was true. 

At the end of the month, pre-YNAB I would go through reports, analyze spending, and try to make sense of the damage. Then, when several true expenses would come up, my reports would be wonky and I would sit and stare in mystified wonder at my budget failings - unable to sparse out what it meant that we spent so much on eating out after the anniversary vacation, and that our pet and transportation expenses were through the roof. Then, I would feel guilty, and then tell my wife about the damage, and we would feel guilty and try to justify every time we rang up shampoo. 

In late November, my wife and I found a house we really like. We weren’t saving for a house per se, but we’re savers and our credit is fine so we made an offer on our first house!! 

Then we decided we needed a budget, I found YNAB.

I would have spent the last month torn up and riddled with guilt when we couldn’t meet some stupid goal that is out of touch with reality for our spending, and melting down over spreadsheets trying to decide if we can afford to get milk. 

My phone broke a few weeks before - the screen becoming fully unresponsive. I went without a phone for weeks, and then after getting YNAB, I was able to look at the numbers and say “Oh, yah, we can afford for me to buy a phone with cash. This is one of the things we’ve been saving for.”

Ive had 1 pair of pants for months, which is fine, where am I going. I keep thinking I should thrift store shop for a few more, but not wanting to spend the money I don’t. Well guess what is already funded for next month - the month we close on the house? Pants. 

AND actually labeling money for future expenses?! beautiful, amazing, flawless. 

Taking our blob of savings and listing out the various deposits and insurances and lawyers and taxes and ...and....and that we need to pay, with a date, and fully funding those and seeing that: yes, even if the water heater broke or the car died or we lost a job we hadn’t just committed financial suicide is worth $86 unto itself. 

I just want to tell everyone I know - get YNAB. It’s amazing. 

I can spend money without a drop of guilt. We can make even extravagant decisions - like paying movers - and not have to rationalize it for weeks. It was an eyes wide open decision. 

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  • So many people think that having a budget is restrictive but with YNAB, it can be so freeing. It makes for guilt-free spending.

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