Wife and I have “moo” categories - reset each month or save over time?

Hi all! Following advice from Jesse , my wife and I each have our own “moo” categories, i.e. our own tiny discretionary funds. We keep them very low at $10/month, but it’s felt great to have some small quantity of bucks that we can use for whatever we want, no questions asked. Generally used for a latte or other treat (when we’re together, we do have a restaurant category we’ll use which is much bigger than $10!).

We’re now debating whether we should let our discretionary funds grow over time or not. Right now they simply reset to $10 each month. If it were to accrue, then we could save it for something bigger like a videogame or piece of nice but nonessential clothing.

My question is - does that defeat the purpose? If I know it can accrue month to month, I may never use it for a latte again, wanting instead to save it for something big. Maybe it’s good psychologically to know it’s going to reset each month if I don’t use it, so I’d better treat myself to that latte! And also if we really want something bigger, we generally just discuss then take it from the appropriate category. We don’t want to feel like we have to use our limited personal “moo” categories for things that we want. But - being married with shared finances - it’s fun to think I could save on my own for silly things like video games and not have to run them by the council each time :)

What do you think of these two options? How do you and your partner use discretionary categories if you have them?

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  • My wife and I have fun money categories as well. We let the funds carry and not reset. It doesnt seem fair to lose those funds one month if we dont spend it all. Plus, as u said, if a larger ticket item was desired then one can consider opportunity cost (dont spend more for larger spend later). 

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  • I'd carryover if it ever finished with anything left! 😆

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  • +1 for letting it carry over, my wife and I have our own categories, mine is up to $1340, she keeps hers at 0 and she gets twice the amount as me LOL.  Our categories are for hair, clothing ..., that is why she gets  more.  But yes, let it accumulate rather than get penalized for being frugal.

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  • One more for letting it accumulate.  We have similar setup.  Sometimes I take it out in cash, and some of it's in a category in YNAB.  But either way, once it's there (or in my wallet) it's usable for anything I want, and if I don't use it for several months, it just loads up into a nice little bundle of cash (or funds available for Whatever) and I don't have any guilt about purchasing something for myself with it.  I agree with the others.   Don't penalize  yourself for not using it.  just let it accumulate.

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  • I usually steal from his when I inevitably overspend mine, so it's a net-zero in the end every month 🤣.

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      Annieland  you can think of yourself as a fee-based planner. 😉

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