I have a lot of money left in "to-be-budgeted"?

I allocated all the money that I have available in all my accounts towards different things in my budget and gave each dollar a job. Every month I'm able to get my 'to be budgeted' down to 0, however I forgot to budget for the end of December and January, and when I came back today and did my usual budgeting for February, it shows I have a lot of money left over in 'to be budgeted'. Not sure how this happened?

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  • Is the money you have in YNAB the same amount as your bank account? 

  • Did your December and January transactions get added to YNAB? Do you spend money using credit cards? Did you go back and budget your true expenses and savings goals in the months you skipped?

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  • Hey Queenie Dang - this does sound jarring! Here are a couple of tips for making sure things are up to date and trustworthy in your budget:

    1. Make sure your accounts are up to date and then reconcile.
    2. Make sure you have the correct amount set aside in your Credit Card Payment categories to make the payments you plan to make.
    3. Check that you haven't added any new cash accounts and that you don't have any closed accounts with balances adding to To be Budgeted (balances in closed accounts can still impact your budget!)
    4. Once you've done all of this, you can run a quick budget audit for peace of mind! 

    If you're still having trouble trusting your budget, you can reach out to the support team (and enable Support Access, if you're up for it!) and we'll help make sure your budget gets back in line! 

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