next month's to be budgeted is redish

January 2021 I had some unexpected income with my regular pay slip. Some forced OT & a small bonus. Because it came in my regular pay day direct deposit it ended up in To Be Budgeted. Doh,

First time ever and I jumped over to Feb and spread it around on some of my true and monthly expenses. Today, thinking eom, I took a peek and eek, I have a negative (red) To be budgeted for next month.

Yuck, I don't like it, make it go away.



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    • Can we agree that goals are dumb and immature? Sure.
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    Remove some money from the places you have it budgeted.

    More specifically, look for overspending in January, and then look to any changes you made in January. If you’ve forgotten what those might have been, no worries; look to the budgeting itself and see where you can budget less in both Jan. And Feb. 

    • OK, this was my first attempt at moving into the future. Being who I am I love the fact that I now know about "Stealing from the future". Thanks Dakinemaui, it is the kind of info I can use.

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  • Reduce budget entries somewhere in any month.

    It sounds like you may have been burned by the Stealing From the Future design flaw. Budget entries in the current month take priority and reduce the future TBB with no obvious indication of a problem.

    The other possible cause is cash overspending in Jan. Check that line in February's header next to TBB.

  • WordTenor - I followed what you said and it was the water bill. Because it is a shared expense I only budget for my half and when the bill was entered, February's money moved back. Awesome.

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