YNAB win!

Budgeted for the first part of May today - first time I've budgeted into the next month!  Age of $ has gone from 7 days to 25 days and I've only been using a few months.  Loving it!  So glad I have one less thing to stress about during this stressful time.

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  • That’s fantastic especially given all the craziness out there at the moment! Congrats!

    I personally love the feeling of those wins from time to time: finally being able to budget into the next month, finally seeing a debt balance disappear, finally saving enough for X. Makes all the effort feel rewarding.

    Care to share what you did differently to get to this point?

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  • Blue Wildcat said:
    Care to share what you did differently to get to this point?

     I'd like to know too! 

    Big kudos Laurie R !

  • Thanks!  Nothing that hasn't been said better elsewhere - just overall not living with my head in the sand because I couldn't deal emotionally with money.  Actually paying attention to what was automatically being debited to my credit card.  (Stopped 6-8 music/channel/etc. subscriptions I fotgot I was paying for.  Sheesh.)  Planning ahead for major expenses instead of waiting for the "extra" paycheck to come along.  (You know, the one you get twice a year when you're paid biweekly.)  I think not spending that "extra" paycheck outside the budget gave me the greatest gain on AoM.  And I am very fortunate that, as a teacher, I haven't lost any income.

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