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Background: Hey everyone! It is my second-day using YNAB so there is still a lot that I need to learn so I have a question. I am using the toolkit for YNAB. My rent is $2,000 a month. I use student loans to pay for most months out of the year and I also save $1,000 a month to pay for the months not covered. For the months of May, June, and July I have $2,000 already budgeted out and have hit the $2,000 goal. 

Question: Is there a way in May to show in my total monthly goals that I am sending $1,000 to August (The first unfunded month) or is that something I'll have to keep track of manually? Am I doing this wrong? I could really use some help.

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  • I would recommend setting up an income replacement category and setting a goal for the amount you want to set aside each month. Then when you get to August in real life you will move money from income replacement to the rent category. Budgeting 4 months ahead has its own set of issues 

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    • satcook I thought the point of YNAB was to budget out the money that you currently have into the future? Are you saying it would be easier for me right now to keep the lump sum of rent money in the income replacement category and set a monthly funding goal of $1,000. Then when I get to the next money (Ex. May) I just pay rent and keep the $1,000 funding goal going?

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      Coral Sound the point is to assign a job to the money you currently have. It doesn't have to be into the future. I never budget more than one month into the future because I don't want to have to make a ton of minute changes when my cell phone bill goes up $0.03/month.

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    • Coral Sound the point of YNAB is to plan your future spending. Yes, YNAB allows you to budget well into the future if you have the funds. That doesn't mean it's the best idea. 

      Budgeting past next month simply makes for more work when priorities or bill amounts change.

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    • Coral Sound Surely rent is not your only expense. That is why an income replacement category is useful: the rest of the budget doesn't have to change.

    • dakinemaui Gotcha. Thank you for helping me out

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