Bank Connections Suck

So, yes, I'm frustrated. I have been spending the better part of a year dealing with the joke that YNAB calls bank connectivity. Today, I'm staring at a screen - again - where YNAB can't connect to my bank.

The replies I get from support are "well that's not the YNAB way, just enter every expense proactively" (paraphrased). Or, if I look at the support page, I see entry after entry showing failures in connecting to different banks.

This isn't widespread, this is YNAB. My Fidelity account works fine when connecting to other accounts, when I used Mint, it worked fine, and when I used Quicken - also perfectly fine.

I'm tired of YNAB's CONSTANT connectivity failures and constant inability to help. This is 2020 - all kinds of online services talk to each other flawlessly. Get this fixed YNAB...

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  • Have to re-up on this one.  It has been over a month of issues with AmEx and Charles Schwab and it just doesn't seem that YNAB and their direct import partner should have problems like this for that long.  I know how to to unlink and I know how to manage connections and then re-load the whole thing.  But truly, YNAB is falling down on this - what's the status of fixes here?  It's crazy that we pay a monthly charge and then have problems like this over and over.  

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      D Moe What problems are you having with Charles Schwab? I have their checking account and I have no issues with direct import in YNAB.

  • Is Capital One ever going to work again?  It feels like YNAB has just given up on this one.. :(

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