Why, oh, why? (Entering numbers in the app)

It's been awhile since I've posted in the forums - since the days of YNAB 4. Something in the app has been bugging me for ages, enough to login to the community and post, again.

It really bugs me how numbers are entered in the app...1000 for £10.00. At least a couple of times a day I naturally enter £0.10 when trying to put in £10. I then have to fix it and often make the same mistake immediately after! On every other app, software, website etc. and YNAB desktop, you must enter 10.00 (with the dot/period), so why not the mobile app?

It really gets my goat and i'll never get used to it. Perhaps someone can explain why implementing it this way seemed like the more ergonomic option; i'll take some convincing, especially as the ./dot/period is on the same keyboard as the numbers!

Thanks, keep up the good work, Sam

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  • Bugs me, too.

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  • Not at all uncommon to use the implied decimal  but the inconsistency between ynab web and the app annoys me.

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      • Aquamarine_Piranha.9
      • 1 yr ago
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      I'm used to the automatic decimal as it's standard in other financial management tools, but it'd be nice to have it consistent between the app and the web version.

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  • Hey Sam Blue Wildebeest ! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. It took a bit of adjusting for me as well, and I see your point (too soon?) about that—and consistency. Instead of the implied decimal handling, you'd like to see a decimal option added to the in-app keyboard?

    If you have a moment, please submit a Feature Request. That will send over your suggestion to our Product Team for consideration!

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    • Thanks for reply Nicole . Yes - the option would be great. I'll send over a feature request. Thanks again! Sam

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  • Agree, agree, agree!

    • Annieland
    • I was told there would be no math.
    • Annieland
    • 10 days ago
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    It's funny, sometimes I'll be flipping back and forth between YNAB and my bank's mobile app to deposit a check.  I always have to catch myself that I get that decimal right before I end up trying to convince the bank that this $10.00 check is really $1000.

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