Downloading Transactions - Which one to keep?



 I have scheduled transactions but also download transactions.


Oftentime, downloaded transactions are matched to scheduled transactions already in the register.


Now, the scheduled transaction doesn't have the memo from the bank in the memo field.


The downloaded transaction would include the bank memo, which is handy - e.g. card used, actual vs posted date, merchant reference, etc.


When I click to match, it seems like only the blank already-entered scheduled transaction is kept and the downloaded memo is discarded.


How can i change it so YNAB keeps the bank memo and not the blank, when i click to  match?

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  • Can't.

    If you are manually matching, you can copy & paste the memo if you feel it's useful.

  • Thanks! Would certainly be great to be able to choose...

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  • Yeah, I think the scheduled transaction takes precedence.

  • As superbone said, the manual or scheduled transaction is accepted over the imported one when matching. This is because the manual was intentional vs the import was passive, so YNAB wants to prioritize the manual entry.
    I have never seen my import transactions (from bank or credit cards) import with any text in the memo category. I add the memo info when appropriate as I manually enter  - example an Target purchase will just import over as Target charged to whatever account/card for the $ amount, but often I won’t remember what I bought and will have to guess or hunt down the receipt. If I enter a manual transaction in the Target parking lot after the purchase and put “clothes for Amelia” in the memo, that’s valuable info that the import transaction won’t have. 
    Another aspect is the payee selection. I like my payers so be as clean as possible and used to spend a lot of time in the payee manager window cleaning things up. For example one Burger King might show up as that but another might show up as BK95 or whatever. I just want them all to say Burger King.  This was constantly a problem when I didn’t manually enter and just let direct import being all my transactions over. 
    With manual entry matching prioritization, that’s never an issue because I just enter it as Burger King and it deletes the BK95 import transaction. 
    You mentioned seeing the card used / merchant reference. Personally I hate the mumbo jumbo 9267VISA93625274BurgerKing#037 that comes over on a bank import - my column usually isn’t even wide enough to see the BurgerKing part so all I see is 9267VISA93625... and when I want to just quickly approve a transaction and move on that’s not helpful.  So yet another reason I prefer it match to my manually entered/scheduled transaction.

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  • Hey crinkles ! Great question. This is working as designed! When an imported transaction is matched with an entered transaction, here's what YNAB will choose for each field:

    • Date: your data
    • Payee: your data
    • Memo: your data (even if it's blank)
    • Amount: the bank's data

    In the web app, you can click on the Payee field and expand "Bank Import Details" to see exactly how it imported—with a handy button to quickly copy those details. 

    At the moment, it's not possible to modify the behavior—but if you have a moment to submit a Feature Request, you can submit this to our product team for consideration. Thank you so much!

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