Setting a Goal for a Sinking Fund

So, I have a goal to save $199 to pay an annual fitness membership next year. I also have a monthly budget for other fitness related expenses. When I budget money into the category for the monthly expenses, it tells me I've reached my savings goal. Is there anyway separate the money budgeted toward the monthly expenses vs. the savings goal in the same category  (fitness) or do I actually have to create another category just for the annual membership? Hoping not to have to!

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  • At this point there is not a goal type that will keep separate tabs on different goals.  You'll need to create an "Annual Gym Membership" with a goal by date, and a "fitness" category with whatever monthly expense you anticipate as its goal.

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  • Probably 2 goals: Under Daily Expenses, your Fitness will go. Then under Annuals: Membership. Otherwise, you need to increase your monthly Fitness contribution but then the worry is that you will overspend. You want to keep them separate. :)

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  • Thanks all! I am realizing I need a separate Annual category in order to keep this on the right track 😉👍

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  • It would also be good to look at the "muti outflow budgeting" posts and posts that deal with handling budgeting for annual expenses. 

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