Smart App indeed!

Smart App indeed! I was looking for something like this for a while. I’m still learning the YNAB way and I combined the live sessions with videos from the website (Great Help!). So far I am very satisfied with visualizing my account. I used to do this on excel and I’m so glad to see the exact set up done with YNAB. Still, I think you’re on your way for more great improvements, such as registering international Accounts theough IBANs and make it easy to link worldwide! That and added languages or branches of your representatives around the world ;) I’d be happy to help with that! Well done indeed

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  • Hey Slate Blue Harp ! Welcome to YNAB. I'm glad that you're enjoying the trial! If you have questions along the way—let us know. Expanding to international banks is something we're excited about, and working toward!

    As we grow, we may explore localization—but it's not something our team can support at this time. In addition to the software, it's the educational and support aspects too! If you're interested in joining our team, you can sign up for alerts for new positions at the bottom of this page. 😉

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      Nicole  Hello and thank you for your great support 😃 I will keep the link for when I master YNAB. I’m still learning as you know, and everyday I do learn something new! You are absolutely right, YNAB is not just about the app but the educational benefit behind it :)
      Can I ask you if there are additional videos or webinars on how to physically import files into YNAB. I read the support article and I will attempt to upload today but I’m just worried that it might mess up what I’ve built in YNAB. 

    • Hi Slate Blue Harp !

      Is this the Help Doc on File-Based Importing you saw? If so, you can also check out this video from our Using Your YNAB Budget video course - it shows the Drag and Drop importing option in action.

      Every bank handles downloaded data differently, but the steps to download a file are fairly similar. After logging in to your account on your bank's website, look for the option to download or export transactions. If you have trouble finding it, contact your bank and ask them for assistance—they should be able to help.

      Typically, once you find that, you can specify what type of file you'd like to download and the time frame. YNAB works best with Quicken or .QFX files, but .OFX and .QIF files work as well! You can also import CSV files, although they're a bit trickier because you need to get the formatting just right. Check out this Help Doc for more info on formatting a .CSV file. Once the file is downloaded, you've got two options for importing it into YNAB:

      1. The handy dandy drag and drop method. :)
      2. Selecting "All Accounts" and hitting Import from there.

      Let me know if you still have questions - we're more than happy to help!

  • Thank you guys 🙏🏼 You guys are amazing!

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    • Slate Blue Harp Right back at you! 😁

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