My TTB is reflecting funds I don't have

I paid a bill out of the CASH APP and had thought I paid it out of my bank account.

I created a transaction that paid for the bill (cell phone $66) and took it out of my bank account.

Over the weekend, I found out that the funds were taken out of funds that I have in the Cash App.

So, this morning I created an inflow transaction of $66 to offset my outflow of $66.

The Working Balance matches my bank account.

I switch back to the Budget view and now my To be Budgeted is showing $66.

Since the bank is the system of record, I want to remove the TTB of $66.  According to the bank, I don't have 

How do I do that?  Or, wait...  Do I actually have $66 more in my account not assigned to an expense?

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  • First of all, you should delete the $66 outflow from your bank account in YNAB. It didn't happen, so it shouldn't be in that account. Delete the inflow that you used to try to correct. That didn't happen, either.

    Do you have an account for the "Cash App" in YNAB? If not, then you can make an "on-the-fly" deposit & withdrawal with a split transaction recorded in your checking account. (Go ahead and clear this transaction, as the bank won't know about it.)

    • Net (top line): $0
    • Split 1: Inflow $66 categorized as Inflow:To Be Budgeted
    • Split 2: Outflow $66 to the Cell Phone category

    This will increase TBB, which should be budgeted anywhere you like. The money from the cell phone category effectively moved to TBB (since that bill was paid with off-budget funds), so it needs a new job now.

  • Aquamarine Saxophone said:
    Or, wait...  Do I actually have $66 more in my account not assigned to an expense?

     You don't have $66 more. As dakinemaui said, it's simply the $66 in your phone category need a new job. It's not additional money, just the same old money that needs a new job.

    You can use the split transaction mentioned by dakinemaui or you can simply move the money between categories (from phone to somewhere else) in your budget.

    The transaction will show the phone expense in the reports while moving the money between categories won't. I would argue that if you want the expenses made from the CASH app to appear in your budget, then you should rather create an account for the CASH app than creating fake transactions in your checking account.

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      So true. The on the fly passthrough is good for a one-off, but that money/purchase method should be part of the budget if you spend from it, even occasionally.

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