I have $179.81 less in my checking account than I show available in my YNAB budget.   I tried to "zero out" an account and change the amount in the account to reflect the shortfall (so as to make my budget amount available and my checking account balance), it put the money in "to be budgeted" at the top of the screen.  How can I reconcile my YNAB budget and my checking account?

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  • Hello, Rusty Rabon !
    To get this fixed, use the reconcile feature in the web app (on your computer). Reconciling involves comparing the cleared balance in your YNAB register to that in your bank. When there's a discrepancy, you can compare individual transactions to try and fix any inconsistencies; you could even open a separate browser window for the YNAB account and your online statement to more quickly check them back and forth.

    To reconcile, click the Reconcile button in the top right of your register. When asked if your current balance is correct, choose "No," and enter the actual balance. Let the fun begin! Review your register for:

    • Transactions that have cleared the bank but have a gray C next to them. This is more important than you might think! Since reconciliation looks at your cleared balance, we want to make sure there aren't any mislabeled uncleared transactions throwing things off.
    • Missing transactions that need to be entered or imported
    • Transactions you entered or imported that have the wrong amount (maybe inverted, 0.34 instead of 0.43, for example)
    • Duplicate transactions
    • An incorrect starting balance

    If it’s been a while since you’ve reconciled (more than a few days), it’s best to enter a reconciliation balance adjustment and move on. The more often you reconcile, the easier it’ll get. For myself, reconciling regularly has helped me build trust with my budget. Taking a couple of minutes to reconcile each week has saved me hours of trouble :) If you'd like, I'd be happy to share some of the tips and tricks that I've picked up along the way. Just let me know how else I can help!

  • Are you talking about reconciling your bank account records with your ynab account? If so, Matthew has you covered.  I read that as you are comparing your ynab checking account balance with your budget available column balance. Which is it?

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