How to you adjust the right inflow column?

Inflow in checking and credit cars got pushed to the far right and will not adjust (move over). I use Mac OS safari - latest releases

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  • Hi David Wheeler !

    The transaction layout seen in the register is static. You can adjust the column sizes, but they'll always appear in the same order. Are you having trouble seeing those figures?

  • The far right column will not adjust everything else well but the one on the far right will not and it is very large space which needs to be tightened up. I’m guessing it’s an anomaly in the online version with Safari

  • Take a look at how far over the inflow is - no way to remove the unneeded space.  I should be able to draw the marker just left of inflow - but it does not work.  That make me thinks your webpage has a problem with Safari - check with the IT people....  thx

    • David Wheeler Is this the line you're clicking & dragging?  That should do the trick, and the spacing will adjust. Do you see the same behavior in a Private Window with Safari?

      If you don't, then clearing your cache may help get things back to the default. Here are instructions for Safari. You will lose certain information that your browser remembers, so you may have to re-set logins, etc. If you're still seeing odd behavior, you can submit a Bug Report—and our team will dive in!

    • Nicole  I put a yellow mark on the only part that will not move or adjust - cleaning cache is a bit extreme, as I am a power user.  I still think it is problem with the code... thanks for working with me!

    • David Wheeler Working as designed. Moving the divider you marked in yellow would make the cleared column bigger.

      If you want the outflow closer to the inflow, resize the application window.

    • dakinemaui It absolutely refuses to move - it does NO such thing; hence my posting!

    • David Wheeler correct, it will not move. By design.

    • David Wheeler It is why I believe there is a problem with the online program....

    • dakinemaui The inflow column is much too big, and the cleared column will not be get bigger....

    • David Wheeler if you want the inflow closer to the outflow, drag the divider between the two to the RIGHT. If that makes the memo too big, drag the left side of the memo to the right. Etc.

      Honestly, I think you should just resize the entire window.

    • David Wheeler why would you want the cleared column bigger? It is a fixed size on purpose.

    • dakinemaui working some better - just not very intuitive.  All dividers should be active, not just one static...thanks for hanging in there with me.  Very intuitive 20 year Mac guy here - maybe that's the problem - LOL

    • dakinemaui I think we are fine now - thanks!

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    Mine is doing the same thing.  Just resizing it seems to help.  Initially the display is wider than my screen.  Now, I just shrink it down horizontallly and everything still displays, it didn't initially.  

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