CC Payments appearing as funds To Be Budgeted?

UPDATE: This has been resolved.


Yesterday, I noticed something weird happening when I was inputting my recent transactions. Whenever I would record a transfer to my on-budget CC, it would show up correctly on the register - but when I went to the budget there was suddenly the same amount showing up in TBB! It happened twice with two separate payments - one for $100 and another for $50. It really threw me off because I knew there actually weren't any extra funds available to budget and if I hadn't been paying attention I might have ended up overbudgeting. Any idea what's causing this?

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  • Sounds like your credit cards are going positive in ynab......

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  • You know, that would actually make sense because of the out-of-order way I did things! I had to make up for several months' worth of cc transactions in one fell swoop because I'd been sick. But I'd already inputted all of my bank transactions, which included the cc payments. So it's possible that the payments were recorded prior to the cc purchases, so it looked like I had a very low outstanding balance. That would make sense, because then YNAB would say, "Hey, your cc is already paid off - congrats! Here's your money back." And paranoid me was afraid it was a glitch, so I just put it right back into the cc payments category. 😄


    Thanks for your input!

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