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I can't seem to find a way to link my TSP account. Is there a workaround?

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  • You probably don't want to anyway. Direct import doesn't work well with investment accounts. None of mine are linked and I just update the value monthly.

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  • Hey Tomato Cartridge ! Set it up as an Unlinked account. 馃槃 I like to handle Tracking Accounts like investments (or loans) by creating a Scheduled Transaction to show regular contributions or payments, then update the account balance in the YNAB web app like this monthly. Check out the links for a glimpse into the process Superbone  mentioned!

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  • I've spent a significant amount of time, unsuccessfully, trying to get YNAB to import from the TSP. At first, YNAB would ask for a "token" but not specify that the token was being sent to a specific email account. Other times, it would specify the email and send a token that didn't work, other times no token was sent at all. Today I unlinked everything and tried setting up again. I successfully logged in directly on the TSP site (which has been revamped recently). TSP login asks for EITHER a username or account number, plus password. YNAB prompts for all three but says you can put "N/A" in either username or account number if applicable. I've tried every combination and it's not possible to link.

    Yes, I know I can set it up as an unlinked account. That should be the temporary solution, not a permanent solution. Will ask YNAB support to look into this issue with the direct import provider.

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      Aquamarine Lion Even if you got it to work, you probably wouldn't like it. YNAB DI knowingly doesn't handle investment accounts very well. Even accounts that "worked" I ended up unlinking.

  • I'd like to be able to add TSP 401k to my budget as well.  It would be great if doing it the hardest way possible wasn't my only option.

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