It seems that YNAB has a bug or glitch? My credit card account is linked. I categorized one transaction as groceries (and I had fund for it), it said I overbudgeted. This happened twice. I am wondering if anyone has been experiencing this. Thanks!

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  • Hi Orange Trumpet !

    When you say "Overbudgeted" do you mean your To Be Budgeted turned red? If so, that means you budgeted more funds towards your categories than you had available. If categorizing that transaction turned the Available amount red in your Groceries category, that means there wasn't enough money budgeted for groceries to cover that spending. 

    In either of these situations, you can use the move money tool to put those funds where they're needed to cover the overspending or overbudgeting. :)

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  • There does seem to be a glitch. The transactions I'm updating for July are being recorded in June. I finalized June last week but now some of the new transactions are being recorded both in June and July. It's as if though the app is confused about which month to record the transaction in 

    • Khaki Device What is the date on your transaction? That will determine which month it will impact the budget. If you're using Direct Import and seeing duplicate transactions, our importing team can help!

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