Multiple goals per category

This may be just my preference but I would love a way to add more than one goal per category. I have a few categories that have different kinds of expenses. Like my software category I have some apps that are charge weekly and some yearly at different times of the year. To get the goal template to work correctly I have to make a new category for each item. Each item is usually only a few dollars a month.  It works but it's too much clutter. I hate clutter.

I could take the time and do the math for each item and then manual create the goal but I want to use the power of the goals to automatically do the math for me.

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  • Hey Sky Blue Saxophone ! Currently, there isn't an option to set multiple goals to a single category—but I understand how this would be helpful. This is a similar thread from a few weeks ago that had a great discussion! If you have a moment, would you mind submitting a Feature Request to let our Product team know you'd like to see that option?

    Currently, a bit of math can help with optimizing your goal for multi-purpose categories (and  using Scheduled Transactions) . If you need a hand with the calculations or the goal type best for your situation, post the details—and we're happy to help!

  • This topic has been around for years, not weeks, and is a major deficiency in YNAB - on this forum the standard answer to people asking about it is to log a feature request!!! so there must be several already!!  I cannot believe you have done a major revamp of goals without the ability to (1) name a goal (2) list all goals (3) create multiple goals within one category.

    The most BASIC analysis of 'goals' should have listed these Use Cases.  I expected better.

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  • I can understand YNAB trying to value simplicity and not overhaul the database to handle recursive categories more than two, but I know it is possible. It would solve many of my problems I currently have. I have some categories which I would like to divide up into different subcategories, but YNAB currently only allows 1, and the goals could be different for each. 

    For example: I have annual subscriptions from different things - Amazon, YNAB, Google, etc and it would be nice to try to group them all under an annual subscription tab, but still keep separate goals for them. 

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