I want to start a Monthly Savings Goal but with a $300 starting amount

I want to start a monthly savings goal for vet emergencies. I already have $300 to add to it, and want to add $50 per month. I added $300 to the budgeted column, and set a goal to add $50 more each month, but it is telling me I have already reached my goal because I put that $300 in there. Any way around this? Do I need to add a new category for the goal and keep it separate from the $300?

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  • If you have it as a monthly goal, then next month it will prompt you to add another $50, and each following month will do the same.  This month, you  have already reached (surpassed) the goal, so it doesn't want you to add anything else.  But next month, if it's a repeating monthly goal, it will prompt you to add another $50.

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  • The goal just looks at the number in the budget column to determine if you have met the goal threshold or not. Since there is 300 already in there, it assumes it is. The first month will be odd, but starting next month it will look for you to add the $50 every month. I would just ignore the goal this month and remember that you need to add the extra 50 for January (or just add it now if you are able).

  • You know you want to add $300 this month, so you hardly need a goal for that. You probably want to set up your goal in February, as that's when you'll need help remembering.

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