Matching Split Transactions


I'm trying to match a split transaction and the "match" option in the dropdown just stays light grey (not selectable).

I would think that if a bank total arrives and matches a split total for the same dollar amount within a few days of the transaction I typed in manually, YNAB should know what to do and offer to match it so I won't have to do any retyping or deleting.

In this fictional example, I'm tracking my holiday giving.  This one wants a transaction fee, so I want to track both in separate Categories. 

Wonderful Charity - Debit 1,000.00

Payment Processing Service Charge - Debit 5.00

Total Transaction - Debit 1,005.00

This was a credit charge to my bank debit card, so naturally it'll just get pulled from the checking account like with any other use of that debit card.

So a few days later, the charge comes through as "1,005.00" as I would expect.  The issue now is that YNAB won't let me "match" the incoming bank transaction with the split that I typed in on the day I made the donation.

Can anybody advise me on this, or am I getting into "new feature request" territory?

Thanks in advance!

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  • What, no way to edit my post?

    Well, I should clarify that this was one single charge, and it appears that way in my online bank register.

  • An imported transaction should match if the total transaction amount agrees and the date is within 10 days. If these are true, but didn't match, make a bug report.

    Manual match requires exactly two transactions to be selected.

  •  I can understand why this is the case, but it is a minor nuisance.  My example: I paid DMV for auto registration.  The payment service they use charged a fee.  I created a split transaction showing the renewal cost and the fee.  However, when the transactions came through, they were two separate items; so there was no way to match.  Ultimately, I just deleted my manual transaction and categorized the two separate charges from the bank.  I doubt it's a major problem faced by most YNABers, worthy of much dev effort.

    • Forest Green Lightning Yeah, this has definitely happened to me, too. I don't want to rule out that we could implement a way to break out part of a split transaction to match an imported transaction, but I suspect the user experience would be complex, and you're right, it's not currently on our roadmap.

      Now, if we could do something about Amazon and Target transactions...

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