What am I doing wrong with Goals?

I have all my annual subscriptions  down in a Subscriptions category for monthly instalments.

For each one, I set a goal, eg "Club Membership: £120; Needed for Spending; By Date; 31st December 2021; Repeat Every 1 Year

Last year, it worked fine.  Told me I needed to budget 10 per month as expected - and on 31/12, I paid the bill.

This year, however, although the target has rolled over to "needed by 31st December 2021" - it's telling me that I have already reached my goal, so nothing to budget.

The only way I can get it to reset is to delete and re-enter the new goal - which is fine, but what's the point of the  "repeat" function if it doesn't reset the amount?

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  • Is that payment actually dated 31 Dec? If it were actually dated in January, the carryover from Dec. does satisfy the new goal.

    Repeating goals that are based on the Available column don't work well unless you spend it in the target month. Your options as I see them are:

    • Fudge the transaction date
    • Use a different goal type based on the budget column (e.g., monthly savings builder)
    • Delete/re-enter the goal.
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  • Thank you dakinemaui .  I was having the same issue as Cornflower Blue Sun .  I went back and fudged the transaction date to post the same month as the goal, and that fixed the repeating goal.  Now that I know what to look for,  I'll be more vigilant about creating my goals to correspond to spending in the same month. 👍🏼

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