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Tale of my 2 Millenials-  One kid is very thrifty - has saved, invested etc. since a teen. The other kid has an excellent job- lives frugally-but spends a lot on 'stuff- tech etc'.  He lives like he is still in college.  How can I convince him that he needs to save and develop a plan without getting too involved in his life?

I don't want him making the same mistakes I've made in my life....

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  • Millennial here - How do you know they aren't already doing that? If they have an "excellent job" then they definitely have a great 401k matching program.  Who doesn't want free money?

    If you want to be more delicate, then ask about tertiary subjects that combine their interests and savings/financial planning: Would you invest in Bitcoin; How would you pay for a new Tesla truck today; What would you (realistically) do if you won the lotto?

    Don't worry about forcing them to think directly about their financial futures. Life will inevitably force them to do it! The fact that they have a job right now means they're doing fine.

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