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Hi all, I'm really new to YNAB -- used it years ago, but just came back. So, I can't figure out how to fix this... I spent $400 on supplies for a party for my mom -- I paid up front (my gifts category) but the cost was to be split equally by me and my 3 siblings... so $100 each. I had budgeted $100 for the month in my gifts category to cover my share. I was temporarily negative $300 after purchasing everything, before my sibs reimbursed me. Two of my sibs paid me $100 each and the other paid me $80 because he bought my dinner later that night ($20). I deposited the $280 I got from them against my gifts category, but I need that other $20 to not be overspent in that category. Meanwhile, my dining out category has an extra $20 in it because my brother paid for my dinner. I know I can just adjust the budgeted amounts to make it work out, but it will not accurately reflect how much I spent in those categories. Is there an adjustment transaction I can make instead?

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  • Net $0 split transaction in checking:

    Split 1: outflow $20 against Dining Out

    Split 2: inflow $20 to Gifts, memo: sibling's name remainder of $100 owed (or whatever)

    Go ahead and clear this transaction, as it obviously won't show on your bank statement.

  • Got it! Thank you!

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