First time hitting end of month and nothing is matching up in new month.

LONG time YNAB desktop user. Seriously, since like month 6 of it ever being in existence. I hesitated and held off on upgrading until I finally hated Dropbox enough after they device number sync changes. So I made the leap to YNAB web app.

It was a bit of an , not  not fully as terrible as I thought (but being brutally honest, I hated being forced to change).

Everything, I thought, was matching up and moving along swimmingly until the August to September month change. My first of such events and things are not quite adding up and I have no clue why.

My on budget accounts consist of a checking account and 3 credit cards.

The credit cards are correct, low balances and already have funds assigned to their full balances. My issue is with my budget and the checking account.

According to YNAB, my account balance is perfectly matched to what my bank says. Awesome. No problems there.

However, when I go into August and add up all of my leftover budget amounts and my first paycheck for this month, which hit today, I should come up with the same number that matches my Current Checking account balance right? Well, no matter how many times I do this process, it does not compare equally.

Instead, my budget plus income for this month is actually LESS than my checking account balance by $311.69 so not a rounding or fat finger error. Could be worse, this could say more than my checking account so there is that.

So what the heck? What is the best way to tackle trying to figure this out? I am ultra conservative with my finances and trust nothing :D  I cannot accept I happen to have an extra 311.69 just there. I am not that lucky. Any guidance is appreciated.

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  • Hey! I’m not one of the forum superheroes but I’ll give it a first go to see :) so your checking account shows x amount, all reconciled. Your total of “available” in all the budget categories plus your Ready To Assign at the top equals about 300 less than that. Two possibilities spring to mind, so let’s at least strike them off first: 

    Do you have any uncleared transactions on CCs or in checking that haven’t shown up at the bank / cc statements yet? They would be deducted from your available even if they’re not cleared yet. 

    do you have any hidden categories where the missing money could be allocated? 

  • When you added did you include the amount available in your credit card payments categories??

  • This question comes up often enough there is a help doc on doing a Budget Audit.

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      Ceeses This is perfect. Thanks!


      Also, thanks to the rest of the responses as well. Fingers crossed I actually entered a starting balance last month and actually have extra money! 😃 (Probably not, but it would be cooler if I did!

    • shelzmike Was just coming here to send you that link - let us know how it goes! Support can take a peek, too, if you'd like. Let us know if that's feeling necessary, and I'll be happy to check things out 😊

  • And just in case...

    Are you reconciled and were you using the red arrow?

  • The walk-through was perfect to catch the problem. Alas, no extra found money for me. Turned out to be that I had reconciled one of my credit cards, but hadn't yet cleared a payment I made to it. As soon as I cleared it and reconciled everything adds up. Thanks to everyone!

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