Migrating to New YNAB Messed Up Everything

Okay, we migrated to the new YNAB and I have no clue what's going on. 

The credit cards are different. I'm seeing that we have to treat them like debit accounts to use them like we did before. Is that correct? 

Then, the way it handles the total difference in the month between assigned and activity makes it seem like we're way over-budgeted for the next month. Example - we have a category that we'd built up to save for house renovation, so the total amount spent in the month was more than our income for the month, but we didn't actually go over in any categories because the renovation savings line had been building up. The old YNAB handled this scenario perfectly. We love that way of handing money with the "rainy day funds concept" - super helpful for vacation and christmas and all those "big expenditure" months. We budget some each month, let the categories build up, then when we spend a lot on vacation, etc., it's no big deal because the money was there, being given a "job" out of our budget. Seem like the new YNAB doesn't work that way. Am I missing something? 

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  • You are missing something because the behaviour of the Assigned, Activity and Available columns didn't change between the versions.

    When migrating, here are some helpful steps:

    1. If you keep your credit cards as credit card accounts (instead of moving them to debit account), make sure you budget the money you need to repay the entire debt on that CC.

    2. Because YNAB removed the ability to delay covering overspending past the end of the month (the "right red arrow" in YNAB4), if you have used it at any time in YNAB4, your Available values will be messed up. Assign money as needed in the current month to get the same Available values in your categories as what you have in YNAB4. If currently in YNAB4 you had some categories with a negative Available, get those negative in nYNAB as well.

    3. If you have any categories in YNAB4 with the "red arrow" turned on currently, you will have to figure out a plan to cover those categories. If those were for reimbursement, see the YNAB help doc: https://docs.youneedabudget.com/article/183-reimbursements

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      • Stealing From the Future fix is an improvement but is incomplete....
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       4. if you have future dated transactions in your register in YNAB 4, move them to the scheduler in YNAB4, because in the online version they will automatically become scheduled transactions. This will make it easier to correctly match account and category balances when making adjustments.

      5. Only make category balance adjustments in the current month. Don't try to fix past months in online YNAB.

  • Also make sure you don't have funds in hidden categories.

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