Migrating from YNAB 4


I've recently looked to migrate from YNAB4 and in YNAB 4 I use the "subtract it from next months category balance" - for a number of reasons - expecting a payment to come in etc. This obviously isn't available but now I am seeing significant assigning more than I have....... the subtract it option is now gone - YNAB 4 I know I have an overbudgeted amount in categories - but I know where this money is coming from and when.


Any help?

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  • This issue has been discussed extensively in the forums. Here’s a link to an ongoing, lengthy conversation about your concerns. Many have shared very helpful workflows in the web version of YNAB: 


  • Bizzy Welcome! There are quite a few things that impact the amount you'll see in Ready to Assign after you migrate, including the below: 

    • In YNAB 4, if you overrode the default setting and kept overspending in the category (turned the red arrow to the right), overspending would not be deducted from To Be Budgeted in the following month, which meant your categories weren’t accurate. In the new YNAB, any cash overspending is deducted from Ready to Assign in the next month, because that money truly is gone.
    • Credit overspending is different than cash overspending. It is absorbed as a part of your credit card account balance, and is not deducted from Ready to Assign. When you're ready to cover the overspending, you'll assign dollars directly to the new Credit Card Payment category in your budget to make up for that past overspending.

    I typically recommend making a Fresh Start after migrating your old budget over, if you're up for it! You might also find the help doc, which unpacks the Ready to Assign number and walks you through the budget audit process, helpful for understanding some of the new numbers you're seeing.

    If you'd like to stick with this budget, though, we can definitely talk about how to adjust your migrated budget so that it's looking just right moving forward - just let us know how it's going!

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