"Move to account" not working for existing transactions


I incorrectly set up a prepaid VISA as "Credit card account" instead of "Checking" (leading to a negative 'available' balance in my budget, despite me doing regular transfers).

Now, I didn't find a way to change the account type in YNAB; so I created a new account with the correct type and tried to move all transactions from the old account to the new one (almost 100 transactions) by using 'select all -> Edit -> Move to account'. 

Unfortunately, it lets me select the right account (i.e. the new one) but then nothing happens. What am I doing wrong? Is there a better way to do this?

Thank you!

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  • I think you must have these as reconciled transactions. Please confirm.   Also, are you on the web or mobile?

  • So I can't move reconciled transactions via the edit>move to account function, but if I go into all accounts and change the account information, I can do it that way. Depending on the number of transactions, that may be a viable solution.

      • MXMOM
      • MXMOM
      • 3 mths ago
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      Magenta Network what I recommend is to set up the new account as a checking account, which I believe you have done.  Are both accounts budget accounts? This is important.  Select all the transactions in the "wrong" account and select Edit - duplicate. This will create a duplicate of all the transactions with a cleared status.  You can select all these (which may already be all selected when you duplicate) and you can move those transactions to the new account.  Reconcile the new account. Delete the old transactions.  I believe once all the transactions have been deleted, you can delete the account. 

      I recommend you do this on the web as the undo feature will help if you get messed up.  

      • Filialin
      • Magenta_Network.11
      • 3 mths ago
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      MXMOM I tried that and it worked! Thank you very much for your help!!

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