Credit Cards Not Auto-Adding to Budgeted Column

I pay off my credit cards every month. The problem is that YNAB seems to be double-charging me for anything I do with my credit cards. Let me explain (a) what I think is supposed to happen based on the online resources and (b) what is actually happening, and then maybe we can figure out why there is a discrepancy between (a) and (b).

(a) - A transaction is auto-imported from my linked Chase account. I categorize it based on the spending - let's say it's a $15 dress for my kid. I categorize it as $15 out of my 'Children's Clothes' category, which has $30 already allocated. I hit the 'Approve Transaction' button - the 'Children's Clothes' fund goes from $30 to $15.  My Chase Credit Card account automatically puts that $15 into the 'Budgeted' column so that it's ready to go for the future payment I make the following month. The following month, the auto payment for my Chase credit card hits my Checking account and YNAB has already budgeted $15 for the credit card payment so it cancels out to $0. 

(b) A transaction is auto-imported from Chase. I categorize the $15 to "Children's Clothes". The $30 "Children's Clothes" available column goes down to $15. The payment is approved. Nothing happens to my Chase credit card account. At the end of the month, I still have $0 allocated to my Chase credit card budget. The next month, the $15 payment clears from my Checking account - only guess what - there is $0 budgeted for Chase credit card payments. YNAB tells me to please cover the overspending with ANOTHER $15 FROM MY 'To Be Budgeted' or some other category. So basically I had to take two separate $15 chunks out of my 'buckets of money' to cover a single $15 purchase with my credit card.  Now imagine this happening to thousands of dollars of payments every month. We use our credit cards for basically every purchase we make - groceries, clothes, and way too many Amazon purchases. But we pay it off every month! And YNAB is making us pay for it... twice!

What am I missing? Have I just completely misunderstood how credit cards work on this system? There is at least one of our less-active credit cards that does seem to properly allocate the budget for the eventual payments. But our primary Chase card does not work. This is accounting for thousands of dollars per month of accounting nightmares.

If you made it this far - thanks for reading!

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