I've been noticing some weird quirks in YNAB (website). For example, I had $200 overspending in medical. I got my reimbursement, categorized it as TBB. When I had $91 in TBB, I changed the budgeted amount for medical to $200. TBB then showed $0. But shouldn't be it be -$109? A similar thing happened when I adjusted the amount budgeted to a credit card payment. What is happening?

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  • Search the forum for Stealing From The Future.  I'm guessing you've budgeted something in a future month. 

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  • Hi Green Flute !

    TBB is most up to date in the month you've budgeted in that's furthest in the future. If you've budgeted in November, and then budget more money in October, YNAB will pull money from November to cover October (since it's the current month). This can be misleading because the current month looks covered, while the future month will be overspent.

    Check for any overbudgeting in your future months and let me know if you still have questions!

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