Being Realistic About Saving (and Spending)

I ended March with a lump sum of money that I couldn't decide what to do with...

  • Put it into my income replacement savings fund or...
  • Be realistic and divide at least some of it amongst clothing/beauty/fun money?

I plopped it all into my savings account -- and that felt good! But, it didn't take long for me to get realistic. I knew I needed to buy things for upcoming events, preferably before I get paid again on Wednesday. And I literally bought no clothes or goodies for myself in March. 

Since starting YNAB, it's been tough to acknowledge my spending. 

Now that I'm not living on the "credit card float," it's been difficult to assign money to my flexible spending categories. It's been a major mindset shift and wakeup call as to where my money goes and how much I spend. I've been so much more diligent with my spending now because it's not going onto a credit card for me to face later.

Every purchase is being tracked one transaction at a time in YNAB, so seeing the money move across, and leave, my budget makes every dollar seem that much more precious. 

The past couple days, I caught myself making small purchases with that money still in designated to my savings account. Tonight I did the responsible YNAB thing and divided it amongst categories before I continued spending. It's a small step toward embracing the mindset I need. 

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  • Have to add this: Since YNAB has given me an even greater appreciation for money (and I thought it was pretty spectacular before), I've been spending even more time hunting down deals and thinking twice before I click "Buy".

    I almost paid full price for some things I needed on retail websites last night, then I checked Poshmark first and found all the items I wanted being sold New With Tags from various sellers. Ended up saving $80 and even managed to get the pants I wanted that are backordered on the brand's website. It's the little wins that count! 😄 🎉

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