Overspending weirdness? - On Mobile

Not sure if it's relevant but I almost exclusively use the mobile app. 

Something I can't figure out:

My Hobbies category started with $0 available. I just recorded a $20 purchase, categorized to Hobbies. The payment came out of my regular checking account. But rather than going red -$20 as expected, the Hobbies category is yellow -$20 and now my credit card payment category is red -$20 as if the purchase had been made on the credit card. Huh? What's going on? 

I doublechecked the transaction and made sure that, yes, it is recorded properly to my checking account. 


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  • You must have cash based spending in the hobbies category as well. Ynab prioritizes cash based overspending so ynab is behaving as expected. Once you cover the overspending it will go back to $0 in the payment category 

    • satcook Oh wait! Okay, I got it. The fact that the current transaction I'm entering that causes the overspend is cash doesn't actually matter.

      The fact that there's a mix of credit card and cash spending in the same category means the the overpay hits the credit card payment category. That's because I'd already paid the amount to my credit card. 

      But if I hadn't, there would have just been less available to pay the card and category still would have been yellow -$20 because of the overspend. Makes sense. Thank you!

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    • Gray Network I feel like you just explained this better than I usually do. :)

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