I am new to this software and I am trying to put my credit card purchases into my budget as they come from the bank. Trying to put the purchases into the credit card payment category.  I do what the videos do but nothing happens in the budget. can anyone help?

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  • There are two different things. When entering the purchases, they will affect your Activity column only. You need to manually budget for them to cover the activity.

  • If you buy groceries with the credit card, in the credit card register, the category you should pick is Groceries. If you have budgeted for the Groceries purchase, YNAB then moves the money out of the available funds in your Groceries line item and into your Credit Card Payment line item. For unbudgeted purchases, nothing gets moved to the Credit Card Payment category, because there is no money to fund the payment. In that situation, if you are correcting this in the month that the actual purchase occurred, you add additional funds to the Groceries category. If you are fixing the overspend in a future month, you allocate the additional funds directly to the Credit Card Payment category.

    The goal is for the amount in the Available column of the Credit Card Payment category to be a positive number that is equal to (but opposite sign) of the negative number that is the Working Balance of the credit card account on the left hand side of your screen (on the web app, completely different screen on mobile).

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  • YNAB isn't a piece of software that is easy to learn without referring to the support materials. There's a whole workshop on credit cards as well as several support videos which will help. 

  • Try giving our Master Credit Cards with Your Budget workshop a watch! :)

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