Going from unlinked to linked accounts

We started using  YNAB in January and set up our accounts as unlinked and manually added everything in. Since we had never used a budgeting platform and not sure if we would find it useful long term, we didn't want to link our accounts yet. We have LOVED it and it was helping to better control and track out spending when looking at the reports and goals we made. We then decided to link our accounts a few weeks ago and when we did this, it removed all of the previous goals and spend reporting. Is there a way to easily get our goals and past spending/saving history to merge to our new set up? 

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  • What?! Linked or unlinked accounts are independent of your goals and reporting.

  • Did you add completely new accounts when you linked them??  

  • Hi, there! When you linked your accounts, did you make a Fresh Start, which would have created a duplicate of your budget and archive the old one?  That would explain why the goals and older transactions are "gone."

    If you did make a Fresh Start budget, know that you can simply go back to your Archived budget and keep using it! It's archived in name only and is still usable. Simply delete the new budget, then go back to the old one and link your existing accounts there. Any time you have an unlinked account in your budget, you can link it very easily. :)

    When you do this in your Archived budget, be sure to enter any missing transactions between the Fresh Start and today (try file-based importing for that!) and reconcile your accounts.

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