If I cancel my YNAB subscription and restart will I have lost access to my budgets?

So I have a conundrum to do with my apple id. 

Followed a link to the app store. Message popped up "This app is not available in Ireland. Change to the US store?" Have done this several times in the past without a problem so I said yes. Shazam I’m in the US app store. It seems however that I can’t get back to my home store in Ireland without cancelling all my subscriptions - apple music, YNAB, duolingo (streak of 250+days) and yousician. So I’m stuck. Anyone else have this problem? Is there a work round?

And if i have to resort to this do I lose years of budgeting info?  Like I know I can export it but stting it all up again from scratch?

i hate the bloody appleid

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  • PS can’t even remember the app I was looking for!!!!

  • nisnwot We can get you all fixed up without losing any of your budget data! (I can't help with Duolingo, though.) Sending you an email now.

  • Hi Mark,  Thanks for the work around. It seems that my phone is still in the Irish app store so I still have access so I’m going to hang on until I’m sure that there’s no fix. 
    huzzah for YNAB!

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