Do I have a Problem?

I've been using YNAB for a period of months; still learning the finer nuances of it.

But now I'm finding myself checking all accounts twice a day to check for updates in spending. And what's worse, I seem to enjoy it?

Is this normal?


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  • You are totally normal in that regard. However, you are now on the path to financial freedom.

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  • Enter your spending in your accounts manually and you'll really be on top of things :)

  • That is normal, YNAB is fun to use and will definitely help your net worth increase over time.  I have been using it since 2013 and check it often and actually reconcile all accounts daily.  I also prefer manual entry and manual reconciliation over auto import, I feel I have more awareness and control using the manual method.

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  • There's this little note when I haven't done Duolingo today... it pops up and says "you could improve your German in 15 minutes! What does 15 minutes on social media give you?"

    I look at YNAB the same way.  The frequency of my messing with it can vary depending on what's going on in life, but I do a full sync-up twice per week usually, or at least once/week while on travel.  I just remind myself, it's better than spending that time doomscrolling on social media, or playing a game :)

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