This is how I use YNAB with my spouse


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  • LOL. There are many good things about being single. This is one of them. 馃槃

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  • That only doesn't look like things with my spouse because a) he doesn't have access to the budget and b) he doesn't spend that much. I'm sure if he did, our conversations would look like that 馃槈

    Thank you for sharing!

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      • Annieland
      • I was told there would be no math.
      • Annieland
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      Fuzzball Meows This would be the second time in over a decade he entered a transaction. The other was a check he wrote that I begged him to enter.  But yeah, he doesn鈥檛 spend much, that鈥檚 why when there鈥檚 an Amazon tx that I don鈥檛 recognize I assume it鈥檚 something I bought and I start scouring my orders and subscriptions and invoices trying to figure out what I missed. It always ends with, 鈥渙h yeah, I ordered a part we needed for that thing鈥︹


    • Annieland We combined Amazon accounts. I'm pretty sure because I was paying for Prime and he wasn't, but whyever, it does mean I can look up anything he orders if there's a weird transaction.

  • My husband doesn鈥檛 have access to the budget either.  He doesn鈥檛 spend much, just grouses when I won鈥檛 spend on stuff he figures we need.  Like fancy lawn edging. 

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  • I have a category called 鈥渨e need to talk鈥 for allocating transactions like these to 馃槉

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  • In my house these come through as:
    Manual transaction: Account: Savings 5/16 GrocERy Stoooooorrrrr Category: Groceries Outflow: $43.13 
    Imported: Account: Checking 5/23 Target Category: Groceries Outflow: $42.31

    I've come to appreciate it since I find all sorts of new money when reconciling. 馃槀

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