How to remove Auto Assign from Mobile App?

This really, Really, REALLY has annoyed me.  I was very comfortable with my took me literally 5 minutes to distribute items on my mobile app on paydays and if I need to adjust, I did it here.

That's not an option on mobile anymore?  I've been fighting it for 20 minutes now.   This "improvement" needs to go AWAY immediately (give the people an option and don't force a change like this).  I'm literally, right now, looking for alternatives to YNAB.  

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  • Sorry that this update has thrown you into a loop. I totally get it and I'm a longterm user too, but love the change. I think there might be an easy way to do it the same way that you used-to. 

    Did you previously click the Inflow section and manually type each amount and category you wanted transfer money into?

    If not, could you walk me through your process pre-update so I can assist?

  • I agree completely. I just added some money to my account on my iPhone. I didn't think I agreed to auto assign it, but I it's gone from money available to budget so I must have clicked something accidentally. I wanted to add that money to my groceries budget, but now I'm not sure where it went. Please let USERS decide whether to auto assign. Not all of us are overwhelmed by the tools. Make offering auto assign a preference setting that users can turn OFF.

    • Lavender Pegasus Have you had a chance to check out the Money Moves feature to see where you've budgeted your money?

  • I like it. and i use it.  I don't want ynab to remove it entirely, im sure im not the only one who likes it. maybe just ad an option to hide the auto assign function for people like you.

  • Hey Silver Trombone ! You don't have to use Auto-Assign! You can instead tap on the assigned column in the mobile app to assign money to individual categories - does that get you closer to your old workflow?

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