How to categorize a transfer as an income

I receive rent from my building and I allocated it as "income: to be budgeted" to one of my Bank accounts that is also a "Budget account".  I then transfer a fixed amount to wife's bank account for house expenses.  Now I would like to show this in my wife's bank account as "income" otherwise when I run a report on "income and expenses," this transfer does not show as income but it shows expense (but in the inflow) column.  It is correct mathematically but is there any way I can show my transfer from my account as income to my wife's account?

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  • We may need more information on how your budget is setup. If your initial bank account is on budget and your wife's bank account is on the same budget, then the transfer will not show as either income or expense. It's only moving money around, same as if you moved a $5 note from your front pocket to your back pocket.

    Now, the bold parts above are assumptions, can you clarify if those are correct or not?

  • It can only be income once. and it was income when to added it to the first bank account.

  • Your assumptions are correct.  The only problem is when I make a report on my wife's account in YNAB, it does not show any income.  The inflow received from my account is shown as an expense. I do understand the logic that there is only one income. I just wished that in the reports, all the inflows would have been categorized as income instead of an expense. I hope I was clear.

    • Slate Blue Major There is only one income/inflow to the budget. Once it's on the budget, you can move it between accounts all you want, it will not be income again. Since your wife's account is on the same budget, it will show as a transfer between accounts when you move it from the first account to her account. 

      To have it show as income to her account, her account would have to be on a different budget, such that it would be an expense/outflow from that budget and an inflow/income to her budget. 

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