Over Assigned in a past month

Hi. I've just noticed I have an over-assigned amount (quite large) back in September, I think that has come up from work expenses and reimbursement being in the next month though not sure. Oct, Nov and now Dec are all showing as all money assigned and not in the red. Does this mean I can still trust my budget? Or do I need to go back and fix the over assignment in Sept. It would have been a mix of both cash and credit spending for work if that makes a difference. I clear my credit card every month and my credit card category for this month matches my outstanding balance. Any help or guidance appreciated. 

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  • Yanb would have compensated for that, but you can check that out for yourself by making sure the total of your positive bank accounts equals the total available number in your budget.

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  • Forest Green Cobra You won't need to go back to fix any over-assigning - we can make sure your budget is accurate and up to date in the current budget month! Here are the steps I use to run a quick budget check-up:

    1. First, make sure all of your accounts match reality by working through the reconciliation process for each one. 
    2. Then, cover any red or yellow overspending in your budget (make sure to check your hidden categories, as well!)
    3. Make sure none of your closed accounts have balances impacting the budget - if they do, you'll want to reconcile them to zero.

    Once you've done all of those things, you can be pretty certain that your current budget is accurate and ready to rock and roll - but I like this budget audit process for doubly confirming that all of my current cash on hand is represented accurately in the budget. I hope this helps - let us know how it's going! 

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